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Testing it out


6dp trigger
5dp retrieval


Of course, bitter disappointment follows.

Stim day 7 and it’s time for ultrasound number two.  It’s ‘Amphitheatre guy’.  Great.

On my right ovary I have ONE fucking follicle measuring 15mm. Well we assume it’s one given the lack of confidence in the operator…

On my left I have 3.  They measure 20.  Yes 20!!!!! 16 and 14.

So, I have a follicle that has grown 10mm in two days.  Wtf?  Do you think perhaps a meds adjustment may have been warranted???

Can you tell I’m really pissed off?

I have three Orgalutran injctions at $80 a pop, sitting in my fridge and my Ovidrel trigger.

Points to ponder:

  1. Cancel now so that I’m not suppressed and trigger so that they all release in a couple of days thereby wasting $240 of meds (like that really matters)?
  2. Wait for Friday’s ultrasound with the eminently more competent Dr M and then decide?
  3. Go with the flow and do IVF knowing that the big sucker could well be overcooked by then and I’ll just be left with 3 follicles if I’m lucky.

I’m over it.

Ok now I’m back and I am a little calmer 🙂  My estrogen came in at 3900 (US 1054).  My Lh is 16 so I have been instructed to start the Orgalutran (which I did and it didn’t hurt a bit).  P4 is 2.8

So I asked what the story would be with the Emu egg and the nurse said it would probably be sacrificed in the hope that the others mature.  Considering that at it’s current growth rate it will be at least 30mm by Friday I think we can kiss it goodbye.

So, I will play the game but I still won’t go to EPU with only three follicles.  Maybe, just maybe, there’s another lurker that ‘Amphitheatre Guy’ missed…..

7dpo and wishing I’d thought to test out the trigger!

Why didn’t I?  I really want to test as I do every cycle as I’m convinced I’m not pregnant but clinging to desperate hope that I am.  I hate, hate, hate being in limbo!  I’m 9 days past the 10000iu Ovidrel trigger today.  I know that with my IUI’s I tested negative by about 8-9 days past but I guess every cycle is different.  I’ll buy some tests today – needless to say my internet cheapies failed to arrive on time.  It takes 5 working days for our postal system to get ordinary mail from one side of the country to the other.  How backward is that? (not that I’m slightly irritable or anything :p)

Oh and for good measure here’s my chart to date.  Don’t get excited for me – they all look this good 🙂

Cancelled Flare Cycle

IVF cancelled

Again I’m up early and I must say completely without emotion.  I feel neither negative nor optimistic as I drive to the hospital and wonder about this place I now go regularly where I am completely detached.  I wonder if people who have no children at all and suffer the disappointment of failed IVF have such a place.  The more I do this the more I feel for those less fortunate than me.

So I have my blood test at 7:30 and finally get my ultrasound at 8:20 despite being second on the list. I have the guy who couldn’t find my ovary during a femara cycle last year.  His technique has not improved.  He insists on sitting on the bed in front of my ‘bits’ which I find very disconcerting.  All other Dr’s stand next to the bed thus preserving the illusion of modesty but not this guy.  I almost felt like he was going to climb in.

He announces to the nurse two on the left at 25mm and 10mm and none on the right.  I say, ‘Well I had two on the right three days ago…’ He then finds my right ovary and discovers an 18 and a 15 – or so I recall.  He didn’t measure my lining and quite frankly I didn’t want him ‘in there’ any longer than necessary as he is down right uncomfortable!

I decide to phone the co-ordinator later that morning to get her opinion on what to do.  The notes she has say 20mm, 16mm and 2 x 10mm.  Wtf?

I ask to convert to a timed cycle which she says she is sure Dr T will agree to.  I’m not wasting all that money without definite numbers.

Later I get my Estrogen reading 3300 (U.S 892 ). Here they like 800-1000 per mature follicle so I’m guessing I definitely have 3 but maybe not quite 4 so cancelled the IVF.  I’ll trigger tonight and grab hubby tomorrow and Saturday.

I have my agenda

Day 11 of stims – Estrogen 2000 ( US 540), P4 3.0

Lining 8mm

4 follicles – one on left (which is now out from behind my uterus)18mm, and three on the right 21mm, 18mm and 12mm.

Retrieval is scheduled for Thursday so I will probably trigger tomorrow night.  So far so good 🙂