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Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy…

I am grumpy.  I assume this is hormonal, but then maybe it’s just me.  Either way I’ve had a pretty easy run of it, so I’m trying to control myself and not take it out on everyone else.

Spoke to the Embryologist today.  All three embryos are level pegging and all are at text book 4 cell stage.  We are scheduled for a Blastocyst transfer on Tuesday. Of corse I know that this is really hoping for a lot and chances are they won’t make it.   If they do I will go into battle with Dr M over the number to transfer.  I want to transfer 2 as if my eggs are so great then it’s reigniting my lining issue and this is the only way I see of actually increasing an implantation chance.  A lot will depend on the quality on the day. Nearly everything I have read has said that it is standard practice to put at least two back for over 38 – I’m closer to 42!!!!