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Egg retrieval

Things went really well.  Scheduled for midday which meant I got to have brekky 🙂

Spoke to the Embryologist about a day 3 with assisted hatching and she noted it for discussion depending on numbers etc.

I asked Dr T to measure my lining on the table. Unfortunately it was the first piece of news I got on my way to recovery – 8mm.  I am irrationally upset by it, I guess because I wanted it all to go perfectly.  No other cycle including last years blastocyst transfer has been successful with that lining measurement. Last cycle – the Flare – I was 11mm by cd10 which is the measurement I had for the successful (albeit fleetingly) cancelled FET last year.

The good news was that they got 6 eggs.  So now the waiting commences.  I find this particular wait the hardest because I’m a spectator not a participant.

I’ll update tomorrow with the fertilisation report.   Please cross your fingers for me!


Knock me over with a feather…

OK, so the FET was a big wash out and I was waiting for AF.  My temperature was still up, but of course,  that was just because I couldn’t pinpoint ovulation accurately thanks to the progesterone.  I let myself entertain the idea that I might be pregnant – Ha – just after shelling out $ooo’s for my failed IVF.  After all, this month I had finally got my Estrogen – at my requst – and it HAD got my lining to 12mm.  I’m sure you can imagine my reaction – or lack of  – when this happened:

img_4942I CAN NOT believe that I am pregnant!

I will be 42 next month.

We’re not out of the woods, of course, as my Beta was only 54 at 14dpo, but we have lift off.  And I have sooo many answers now, that if this fails, I will get straight back up again.  Bottom line Ladies is trust yourself.  You know far more about your body than any FS/RE.  Don’t be intimidated like I was and sit back assuming that they know best when your instinct tells you otherwise.  I am informed and knowledgeable and still got taken for a ride.  I dread to think how many girls are out there in the system going through the motions because they don’t know to question things.  Ultimately no-one is going to try as hard as you are to gt your baby.

At the end of the day my RE insisted that at 9mm my lining was fine.  I had to insist that for me a 36-48hr period (despite measuring 9mm) was not fine.  I insisted on the Estrogen and Voila!

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think my RE did it on purpose but ultimately he couldn’t get past my age and therefore didn’t try to ‘solve’ my problem as to him the problem was being 41!!


I started back on Progesterone today just to b safe 🙂

So close

I was all set to go. Timing good, babysitter organized, lining ready, but I got the call at 4:30pm today to let me know that my little blast didn’t make it.  I feel disappointed but OK.   I knew things were going too smoothly, what with that 12mm lining ready to go.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a plan C so it’s back to the drawing board for me…. I do know that it will probably feature estrogen but will it feature IVF?

A glimmer of hope

So I have been taking my estrogen  starting on 2mg/day until cd9 then 4mg/day.  It has messed with me a bit and exacerbated the low grade depression I’m sure I’ve had since Dad died.  I’ve been teary and cranky, snappy and forgetful.  I haven’t really thought about the FET either.  Evidence of my distraction is that I went to the clinic today for my cd12 scan and I’m on cd11!  However, I actually received some good news.  My estrogen supplemented lining is…. wait for it… 12mm!!!!!  Yes!  So now I have my glimmer of hope back.  I also had a 21mm follicle on my LHS which Dr M was surprised about as apparently the Estrogen is supposed to suppress the FSH.  Looks like I will surge tonight and I have to start taking my progesterone with FET on Friday 26th.

Typical that this ancient nearly 42yo still ovulates on birth control but can’t get pregnant…..

Drug addict

I really like taking my estrogen.  I think it’s a bit weird and I have read about hormone cravings where you can’t wait for your next ‘fix’.  I’m not that bad but I do think I feel better for taking it.  I know it’s seriously linked to mood in women so maybe the explanation is that simple.

Anyway, I’m cd 6 with my lining scan on cd12.  I am seriously curious to see whether it’s any thicker.  FET will be six days after ovulation so I estimate around the 29th.

A bit of an Anti-climax but I love my Dr!

Since I started my Gonal-f, my little boy has been sick with a mystery virus that gives him a high temperature, a cough, and not much else.  He was home from school last Friday, sick all weekend, off Monday and Tuesday, sent back on Wednesday at which stage N came down with it.  S then relapsed Wednesday night, I got a cough too that day but that’s all it seemed to be.  Thursday S still home and both boys unwell and last night I get a fever and feel awful too :-(.  Bottom line is I haven’t slept for a week and I feel exhausted.  Having said that the meds have been very tolerable…..and now I know why.

I got to the Clinic a 7:10 and waited for them to open.  They took bloods and then I saw Dr M for the ultrasound.  They were a bit confused as to why I’d been scheduled for one.  I said I was happy not to have it and Dr M laughed and said ‘come now, you wouldn’t miss this for the world’ vaginal probe in hand 🙂

Unfortunately it wasn’t good news.  I had two follicles on my right 18 and 15mm and one on my left 18mm.  However the left ovary was behind my uterus so he said they wouldn’t be able to retrieve that one as the aspiration needle would pierce the uterus. That leaves us with two.  Dr M said most Dr’s would cancel, but in his opinion if we got both and they fertilised it would be worth it.  It just meant I wouldn’t have any to freeze but frozen don’t tend to be as successful. anyway.  As I’d found the stimming easy to tolerate I wouldn’t have trouble doing it again.  All this said with a comforting hand patting my knee.

So I left with mixed motions.  I’m obviously a bit disappointed that there aren’t more eggs but at the same time this seems to add wight to the theory that my age is the problem.  I actually find this easier to deal with than the thought that something went wrong from the D&C.  My thin lining could also be age related.  Now I’m off to research the chances of my ovary moving back to where it should be in time for retrieval.  I am wondering if this is related to the sharp pain I feel on that side during my period – a new development –  and if adhesions are to blame. I am such an optomist 🙂 They will give me my BT results this afternoon at which stage I’ll have to decide what to do.