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Fertility Specialist

After the FS had pointed out that the chances of conceiving ‘at my age’ are 7% he suggested I give Clomid a go – until I reminded him of my lining issue, at which point he changed it to Femara.  He also suggested IUI just to increase the odds.  The idea of the Clomid was to give more targets but Femara notoriously only produces one follicle.  

First cycle dose was 5mg cd 2-6 with an Ovidrel trigger (10000u)  The whole cycle I felt a bit off and in hindsight I realise I wasn’t well although at the time I thought the nausea was from the Femara.  I had one follicle on RHS measuring 27mm.  I ovulate quite soon after my LH surge and knew I’d started to surge when the gave me my trigger.  As it turns out, I was called back the same day for the IUI as ‘things were moving a little faster than they realised’  A classic example of knowing your body better than anyone else.  Poor Hubby had to be dragged from work without having time to ‘psyche up’ to his maiden IUI voyage.  All went well and the procedure itself was easy.  Most importantly, my lining was measuring 9mm on that day. I looked forward to a decent period if no BFP but it was still nothing like normal.  When I questioned my FS about the lining and possible scarring he said it would be very unlikely for someone with significant scarring to get that measurement which he considered quite good.

First Femara cycle:


For my second cycle I had no side effects and felt completely normal throughout.  Same protocol and trigger but I think they missed ovulation by doing the IUI a day too late.  This made me decide to give up on the IUI as I found it more stress than it was worth. That cycle I had one follicle on the LHS measuring 21mm.  My lining was 9mm (better than the last cycle as I still had an extra day to ovulation)

Second Femara cycle:

For the third cycle (timed intercourse) I asked the FS if I should switch to something that would give me more follicles since that had been the initial game plan.  He suggested we try upping the dose to 7.5mg cd 2-6.  I asked for a scan so we could see if this had actually worked.  Unfortunately a different Dr performed it and had trouble ‘finding my ovaries’ (his words not mine).  He eventually found one follicle RHS measuring 18mm.  I didn’t get a lining measurement

Third Femara cycle:

I then decided to move on to IVF.  Unfortunately my FS was away on leave when I tried to book on cd21 of that last Femara cycle so instead of just waiting a month I decided to self-medicate.  I did 7.5mg for cd 1-7.  My chart was fantastic but still no BFP.  I had been doing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine since my first Femara cycle.  My Acupuncturist is a qualified Herbalist and a Fertility Specialist.  I really think that her treatments improved my cycles and the changes are reflected in my charts.  If I had more time I would try just with her for longer.  As it is I feel that if IVF fails I have her to come back to and all is not lost.  I will use her for Acu during my IVF as well.

Final Femara cycle:


All normal – apparently.

After my D & C it took a couple of cycles to get back to ‘normal’ again.  Although I never quite felt I achieved this as my periods were a lot lighter than before.  At one stage they were down to a single day of  loss whereas previously I had always been a 3 day + 2 of spotting gal.  

I kept the faith – at this stage I had no reason not to – and we did timed intercourse for about 6 months.  I decided to be proactive and saw a Natropath who put me on various supplements to increase cervical mucous and circulation to the Uterus.  I took Zinc, Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil, a good Pre-Natal, some Chinese herbs and Vitex.  I had already tried Vitex and was taking 300mg a day all cycle.  She said that I needed to take a better quality, a higher dose and at a different time.  By looking at my charts she was aiming for a greater thermal shift, lower follicular phase temps and a steadier luteal phase.  My Vitex dose was changed to 1000mg from Ovulation to flow.  My cervical mucous (of the egg-white variety :)) increased markedly with her supplements and the change in my charts was immediate.

A chart before the Natropath

and a chart afterwards



I still felt something wasn’t right so I booked an appointment with my Ob/Gyn who also dabbles in fertility.  He did a tracking cycle on me where the measure hormones such as FSH, LH and Estrogen at various stages of your cycle.  He also did an initial ultrasound, at which he commented that my lining was thin.  All my results came back as normal.  Hubby’s sperm was great and we had a good post-coital result.  My FSH was 6, so pretty good.  My Dr then referred me to a Fertility Specialist but was very optomistic.  

I queried my lining and he said another D & C may be needed and referred to ‘uterine estrogen receptors’.  My further research leads me to believe I may have Ashermans syndrome which is under diagnosed and more likely with a D & C after 12 weeks of pregnancy.  This is something I still haven’t resolved.