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On our way!

Fourth beta is in.


I even smiled 🙂

Beta at 28dpo


I can’t handle it.

Today I’m sad.  I have cried and cried.  I’m so sure this isn’t going to work.  I still have no symptoms.  I feel COMPLETELY NORMAL and I’m sick of my few well meaning friends who know telling me I’m paranoid and it will be ok.  I haven’t told Mum because I wanted to save the news for when I’m sure.  I don’t think that day will come.  I should get another beta tomorrow so I can at least stop taking the progesterone.  My tests have stopped getting darker.


FRER 22dpo sure that beta is not progressing

this was 18dpo


It’s been a while…

Well, it goes without saying that nothing eventuated from my little experiment.  The following month I took a break from everything – well except for a little Vitex.  Does that count?  I couldn’t take nothing… 🙂

Today is cd2 of cycle 27.  This month I’m taking 225iu of Gonal-F for 7 – 10 days and the Estrogen.  I feel really good but I know it will mess with me.  We’re back on the bandwagon baby – and how!!