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Decidedly lacklustre…

That’s me, as I start TTC cycle #36, I think. I am doing injectables and timed intercourse. My bulk pack of OPK’s and HPT’s are winging their way to me as I type and I start Estrogen and Gonal-F tomorrow.

I don’t feel excited though. It’s more a question of ‘I hope I remember to do it all’ and I really think that this is me getting ready to throw in the towel.
Which is a good thing.

Life’s too short and I’ve invested heavily time wise already. I think I’m almost there.

At that point, when it really is okay to be done.

I would never say that you can decide it though.

It really does just happen – says she – who’s about to start all over for another month! Lol!!


Is there light?

Estrogen today is 6000 (US 1621).  It’s stim day 8.

Tomorrow I am to drop the Gonal-F to 300iu.

Orgalutran again today.

Count down

I’m counting down the days until my last try at IVF.  Hopefully I will start next cycle.  My FS friend didn’t follow through due to personal issues so I have taken on a FS who is known to be good with ‘over 40’s’.  I really liked Dr M but he just seemed too conservative for my last try.

This time, with Dr T, I am doing a flare cycle.  Starting with 15iu of Lucrin (Lupron) on cd2 along with 450iu of Gonal-f.  He says he doesn’t consider me a poor responder  – he has a different protocol for that.  Scheduled co-ordinator meeting is on Tuesday the 8th and that’s the day my period is due.  I’m also looking at PGD which  ‘unofficially’ lifts the success rate to 20%. My clinic’s error rate is 6-10% which is much lower than most in the States due to the more rigid controls we have on who can handle embryos here.

I am finding that the longer this goes on, the more accepting I am of the fact that it is my age that is causing all my issues – and therefore more accepting that it may never happen.  Once again though I’d like to feel I gave it everything.

Go figure – I hereby declare I no longer know my body at all.

I’ve been quietly drifting along this cycle. My FS didn’t want me to trigger and I didn’t manage to schedule a scan so I don’t know :

  1. How many follicles I grew on 225iu Gonal-F
  2. How many follicles I ovulated
  3. Exactly when I ovulated because things didn’t add up as accurately as normal

I’m still charting and my temp remains up – of course this I attribute to the end of daylight savings which coincides with my second ‘triphasic’ temp shift.  I test on 8dpo and it is negative.  I have no symptoms at all except for some tenderness in my breasts.  I stop the Estrogen so I have a break before next cycle.

And my temperature stays up.

I have a funeral to bury my Husband’s 99yo Grandmother and this exhausts me.  That was yesterday.

Today, to humour an online friend who is stalking my chart I test with an OPK:

img_5096 So now I’m interested.  I tell my husband I’m off to the chemist and come back with the only HPT they have which is a 25iu/l and I test








and this is what I get

img_5107 I’ll be back once I’ve composed myself.








Here is my chart


It’s been a while…

Well, it goes without saying that nothing eventuated from my little experiment.  The following month I took a break from everything – well except for a little Vitex.  Does that count?  I couldn’t take nothing… 🙂

Today is cd2 of cycle 27.  This month I’m taking 225iu of Gonal-F for 7 – 10 days and the Estrogen.  I feel really good but I know it will mess with me.  We’re back on the bandwagon baby – and how!!

Ho Hum

This month I’ve decided to try Femara and Estrogen 🙂  Heaven forbid I do nothing after all.  I started Femara a day later than usual which seems to suit me better because it hasn’t brought my ovulation date forward at all.  I must say though I am ready for a wee break.  I get to see my new FS after I have had a month off so next month is a nothing.  He says that in his experience this dramatically affects success rates so I’m all for it.  I anticipate doing Gonal-F which will be cool – just increases my chances so to speak.  So I’m drumming my fingers here….  Saturday I turn 42.

Femara once again has been kind to me.  No side effects to speak of other than a thick head/headache in the mornings while I was taking it.  I ran out of OPK’s so I think I will ‘O’ tomorrow.  Then the 6ww for my FS.  How will I cope with no pills to pop? :)!!!  Of course I am only allowed to self- medicate because I am old and wise…..

Scan tomorrow

I’ve had a few niggles in my left ovary today so things are progressing.  I was pondering the lack of monitoring – I haven’t even had a supression check but I know that my Dr is notorious for doing fewer blood tests than everyone else.  I said to my friend, who is a Bio-chemist in an IVF lab that I suspect it’s because they’re not expecting much to happen, and she countered that it was because they expected me to respond perfectly 🙂  She is a good friend! Anyway tomorrow I will update with what they found.  In the meantime I have to decide whether it’s OK to take my Gonal-f an hour earlier or whether to take it with me.  I think I’ll do it early….