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My final fling

I am about to start my final bid.  I will hopefully see my FS sometime this week for a protocol.

It’s been two months since I lost the twins and I’m only just back to ‘normal’.  I miscarried naturally but ended up in emergency with one of the foetuses trapped in my cervix.  It was excruciating but as soon as they worked out what the problem was some forceps solved it instantaneously.  I’d spent about 4 hrs in the bath prior to that point with contractions every 2 minutes and apparently my cervix wasn’t even dilated.  Thank goodness for the ER!

The following month was an emotional one mainly due to the drop in hormones.  I was very teary and depressed although it focused on the loss of my Dad two years previously rather than the twins.

Now I feel good to go – despite the fact that I’ve stacked on some kilos, although I feel sure all this hormonal messing with myself is contributing to that.  When I find out what I’m doing I will let you know.  Wish me luck!


Ho Hum

This month I’ve decided to try Femara and Estrogen 🙂  Heaven forbid I do nothing after all.  I started Femara a day later than usual which seems to suit me better because it hasn’t brought my ovulation date forward at all.  I must say though I am ready for a wee break.  I get to see my new FS after I have had a month off so next month is a nothing.  He says that in his experience this dramatically affects success rates so I’m all for it.  I anticipate doing Gonal-F which will be cool – just increases my chances so to speak.  So I’m drumming my fingers here….  Saturday I turn 42.

Femara once again has been kind to me.  No side effects to speak of other than a thick head/headache in the mornings while I was taking it.  I ran out of OPK’s so I think I will ‘O’ tomorrow.  Then the 6ww for my FS.  How will I cope with no pills to pop? :)!!!  Of course I am only allowed to self- medicate because I am old and wise…..

All normal – apparently.

After my D & C it took a couple of cycles to get back to ‘normal’ again.  Although I never quite felt I achieved this as my periods were a lot lighter than before.  At one stage they were down to a single day of  loss whereas previously I had always been a 3 day + 2 of spotting gal.  

I kept the faith – at this stage I had no reason not to – and we did timed intercourse for about 6 months.  I decided to be proactive and saw a Natropath who put me on various supplements to increase cervical mucous and circulation to the Uterus.  I took Zinc, Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil, a good Pre-Natal, some Chinese herbs and Vitex.  I had already tried Vitex and was taking 300mg a day all cycle.  She said that I needed to take a better quality, a higher dose and at a different time.  By looking at my charts she was aiming for a greater thermal shift, lower follicular phase temps and a steadier luteal phase.  My Vitex dose was changed to 1000mg from Ovulation to flow.  My cervical mucous (of the egg-white variety :)) increased markedly with her supplements and the change in my charts was immediate.

A chart before the Natropath

and a chart afterwards



I still felt something wasn’t right so I booked an appointment with my Ob/Gyn who also dabbles in fertility.  He did a tracking cycle on me where the measure hormones such as FSH, LH and Estrogen at various stages of your cycle.  He also did an initial ultrasound, at which he commented that my lining was thin.  All my results came back as normal.  Hubby’s sperm was great and we had a good post-coital result.  My FSH was 6, so pretty good.  My Dr then referred me to a Fertility Specialist but was very optomistic.  

I queried my lining and he said another D & C may be needed and referred to ‘uterine estrogen receptors’.  My further research leads me to believe I may have Ashermans syndrome which is under diagnosed and more likely with a D & C after 12 weeks of pregnancy.  This is something I still haven’t resolved.