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Decidedly lacklustre…

That’s me, as I start TTC cycle #36, I think. I am doing injectables and timed intercourse. My bulk pack of OPK’s and HPT’s are winging their way to me as I type and I start Estrogen and Gonal-F tomorrow.

I don’t feel excited though. It’s more a question of ‘I hope I remember to do it all’ and I really think that this is me getting ready to throw in the towel.
Which is a good thing.

Life’s too short and I’ve invested heavily time wise already. I think I’m almost there.

At that point, when it really is okay to be done.

I would never say that you can decide it though.

It really does just happen – says she – who’s about to start all over for another month! Lol!!


Nearly ‘d’ day

D for decision of course.

Estrogen 6200 (US 1676). ūüė¶ ¬†I guess at least it hasn’t gone down.

Tomorrow I have a scan and blood test so I will make my decision then.

Is there light?

Estrogen today is 6000 (US 1621). ¬†It’s stim day 8.

Tomorrow I am to drop the Gonal-F to 300iu.

Orgalutran again today.

Stim day 6 today

Update on Stim day 5. ¬†Driving in rush hour, a journey that would normally take 12 minutes is now taking 30. ¬†I hear my horoscope on the radio: “Aquarius will see a reversal of previous negative trends”. ¬†Hmmm.

I had my ultrasound which was with Dear Dr M who is sooo competent and lovely. ¬†He found both ovaries immediately and he said he could see two follicles measuring about 10mm on my left with ‘a couple others ‘ coming and on my right there was one 10mm ‘with a couple of others coming. ¬†I am holding my breath!!!

Later I get my E2.  It is 2900 (U.S 783)

Dare I hope for 6????? Pleeeeease!!!!!

Today, stim day 6 (cd7) I’m still feeling great. ¬†Tomorrow is another US and blood test so I will let you know the outcome. ¬†Fingers crossed.

IVF cancelled

Again I’m up early and I must say completely without emotion. ¬†I feel neither negative nor optimistic as I drive to the hospital and wonder about this place I now go regularly where I am completely detached. ¬†I wonder if people who have no children at all and suffer the disappointment of failed IVF have such a place. ¬†The more I do this the more I feel for those less fortunate than me.

So I have my blood test at 7:30 and finally get my ultrasound at 8:20 despite being second on the list. I have the guy who couldn’t find my ovary during a femara cycle last year. ¬†His technique has not improved. ¬†He insists on sitting on the bed in front of my ‘bits’ which I find very disconcerting. ¬†All other Dr’s stand next to the bed thus preserving the illusion of modesty but not this guy. ¬†I almost felt like he was going to climb in.

He announces to the nurse two on the left at 25mm and 10mm and none on the right. ¬†I say, ‘Well I had two on the right three days ago…’ He then finds my right ovary and discovers an 18 and a 15 – or so I recall. ¬†He didn’t measure my lining and quite frankly I didn’t want him ‘in there’ any longer than necessary as he is down right uncomfortable!

I decide to phone the co-ordinator later that morning to get her opinion on what to do.  The notes she has say 20mm, 16mm and 2 x 10mm.  Wtf?

I ask to convert to a timed cycle which she says she is sure Dr T will agree to. ¬†I’m not wasting all that money without definite numbers.

Later I get my Estrogen reading 3300 (U.S 892 ). Here they like 800-1000 per mature follicle so I’m guessing I definitely have 3 but maybe not quite 4 so cancelled the IVF. ¬†I’ll trigger tonight and grab hubby tomorrow and Saturday.


Yesterdays estrogen was a surprising 1900 (U.S 513). ¬†Another test today and possibly a scan tomorrow. ¬†I picked up more Gonal-f and my trigger so I’m all set. ¬†Hoping there are enough to bother with retrieval ( for me that means more than 3) which may be on the weekend at this rate I guess ūüôā

And today’s is 2200 (U.S. 595 – I think. ¬†I’m dividing by 3.71 but this could be completely incorrect)

I’ve also noted the lack of early monitoring with this clinic. ¬†Especially when compared to those in the US. ¬†I have never had an antral follicle count or a cd3 scan. ¬†At my last scan they estimated follicle #2 at ‘maybe 7’ which led me to think that their equipment possibly can’t pick up anything smaller. ¬†So today I asked and sure enough they can only detect follicles at around 8mm. ¬†This doesn’t seem quite right to me….

It’s been a while…

Well, it goes without saying that nothing eventuated from my little experiment. ¬†The following month I took a break from everything – well except for a little Vitex. ¬†Does that count? ¬†I couldn’t take nothing… ūüôā

Today is cd2 of cycle 27. ¬†This month I’m taking 225iu of Gonal-F for 7 – 10 days and the Estrogen. ¬†I feel really good but I know it will mess with me. ¬†We’re back on the bandwagon baby – and how!!