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Egg retrieval

Things went really well. ¬†Scheduled for midday which meant I got to have brekky ūüôā

Spoke to the Embryologist about a day 3 with assisted hatching and she noted it for discussion depending on numbers etc.

I asked Dr T to measure my lining on the table. Unfortunately it was the first piece of news I got on my way to recovery Р8mm.  I am irrationally upset by it, I guess because I wanted it all to go perfectly.  No other cycle including last years blastocyst transfer has been successful with that lining measurement. Last cycle Рthe Flare РI was 11mm by cd10 which is the measurement I had for the successful (albeit fleetingly) cancelled FET last year.

The good news was that they got 6 eggs. ¬†So now the waiting commences. ¬†I find this particular wait the hardest because I’m a spectator not a participant.

I’ll update tomorrow with the fertilisation report. ¬† Please cross your fingers for me!


And the drinks are on me

Scan today.  With Dr W who was FANTASTIC.  Thank goodness amphitheatre guy, he who found the 20 mm monster was not on roster.

I have 6 follicles!!  Three on each side.  From memory the largest was about 23 and the smallest 15 so it could be only 5 are viable.  Either way I am rapt.  It looks like we are going ahead after all.  I expect they will get me to trigger tonight with retrieval Monday afternoon.

I’ll confirm the measurements this afternoon when I get my e2 level.




Estrogen 8200(US 2216)

Follies: 25,23,21,20,17,15, and 10mm

Trigger at 1am tonight with retrieval at 12pm Monday.

Thriving on IVF?

Is it possible to actually feel better than normal whilst pumping yourself full of massive doses of hormone altering drugs? ¬†Because that’s what’s happened to me. ¬†I feel great. ¬†Today is my forth day of the Clomid and tomorrow I have the scan to look for that lead follicle. ¬†So here is my regimen by cycle day:

  1. Nothing
  2. 100 mg Clomid and 600iu Gonal-F
  3. 100mg Clomid and 600iu Gonal-F
  4. 100 mg Clomid and 600iu Gonal-F
  5. 100 mg Clomid and 600iu Gonal-F
  6. 100 mg Clomid and 600iu Gonal-F and possibly Orgalutran
  7. 600iu Gonal-F and possibly Orgalutran (Ganirelix)
  8. 600iu Gonal-F and possibly Orgalutran (Ganirelix)
  9. 600iu Gonal-F and possibly Orgalutran (Ganirelix) and possibly Ovidrel trigger
  10. 600iu (300iu) Gonal-F and possibly Orgalutran (Ganirelix) and possibly Ovidrel trigger
  11. 300iu Gonal-F Orgalutran(Ganirelix) Possible EPU
  12. Trigger Ovidrel at 1am.
  13. EPU
  14. 1 day past epu
  15. 2 days past epu
  16. Transfer day three, two with assisted hatching – well that’s my plan ūüėČ

Trigger will be 10000iu Ovidrel with retrieval the day after from memory. ¬†So I’m looking at retrieval anywhere the from the 19-22nd September by my bets. ¬†Assuming there’s something to retrieve of course. ¬†My big fear – I feel this good because nothing’s happening!

Stim day 8

I was up early this morning to trek into the hospital for my first blood test this cycle. ¬†Not a great way to start a Sunday but if it correlates to my retrieval also being on a Sunday I’ll be wrapped. ¬†Results should be in at about 3pm.

I feel pretty good. ¬†My temps are nice and steady and I occasionally get a bit of an ache around an ovary but that could be bruising from the jabs – which I don’t even feel anymore ūüôā

I am hoping that the lack of a temp rise at the beginning of my cycle indicates that I didn’t experience the side effect I was worried about. ¬†I guess today’s result will also shed some light. So far I have no instinct at all.

IVF #2 - Flare protocol

Actually I do have an instinct. ¬†My bet is on four follicles and no more. ¬†Such an optimist ūüėÄ

Estrogen was 1200 (U.S 397)

Egg retrieval

We are up at the crack of dawn to be at the hospital by 7am. ¬†I’m, still not well and terrified that they won’t go ahead because of it. ¬†Fortunately my cough has died down, but i am still sleeping for an hour during the day and hardly noticing any improvement. ¬†First hiccup is the notice my temp is 38deg C. ¬†My BP is also high at 140/80. ¬†I usually hover around 110/60. ¬†However my chest is clear so they will do the procedure.

Dr M smiles down at me and says ‘Now we don’t have very many do we?’ ¬†I say ‘No, we are going for quality’ ¬†He has a chuckle, they insert the drip and next I know I’m in recovery.

All I feel now is a bit bruised.  They got three eggs.

I phone tomorrow to find out if any made it.

Is anything happening?

Well I’ve done 5 days of stims and for a while there I was worried nothing was happening. ¬†Fortunately I blew my nose tonight and felt a twinge on both sides. ¬†I don’t know when you would expect to feel something but I was worried that with the possibility of only three days left I should sense some action by now. ¬†I could easily do another stim cycle from what I’ve experienced so far but the egg retrieval has me a bit on edge. ¬†The whole concept of a needle through the vaginal wall makes me cringe. ¬†I just hope the anaesthetic is sufficient enough that I am oblivious. ¬†With only three days until my scan I feel quite curious to see the results. ¬†Note that I have refrained from excitement in any form ūüôā