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Is there light?

Estrogen today is 6000 (US 1621).  It’s stim day 8.

Tomorrow I am to drop the Gonal-F to 300iu.

Orgalutran again today.


Stim day 6 today

Update on Stim day 5.  Driving in rush hour, a journey that would normally take 12 minutes is now taking 30.  I hear my horoscope on the radio: “Aquarius will see a reversal of previous negative trends”.  Hmmm.

I had my ultrasound which was with Dear Dr M who is sooo competent and lovely.  He found both ovaries immediately and he said he could see two follicles measuring about 10mm on my left with ‘a couple others ‘ coming and on my right there was one 10mm ‘with a couple of others coming.  I am holding my breath!!!

Later I get my E2.  It is 2900 (U.S 783)

Dare I hope for 6????? Pleeeeease!!!!!

Today, stim day 6 (cd7) I’m still feeling great.  Tomorrow is another US and blood test so I will let you know the outcome.  Fingers crossed.


Yesterdays estrogen was a surprising 1900 (U.S 513).  Another test today and possibly a scan tomorrow.  I picked up more Gonal-f and my trigger so I’m all set.  Hoping there are enough to bother with retrieval ( for me that means more than 3) which may be on the weekend at this rate I guess 🙂

And today’s is 2200 (U.S. 595 – I think.  I’m dividing by 3.71 but this could be completely incorrect)

I’ve also noted the lack of early monitoring with this clinic.  Especially when compared to those in the US.  I have never had an antral follicle count or a cd3 scan.  At my last scan they estimated follicle #2 at ‘maybe 7’ which led me to think that their equipment possibly can’t pick up anything smaller.  So today I asked and sure enough they can only detect follicles at around 8mm.  This doesn’t seem quite right to me….

Not setting the world on fire – stim day 8

Again I was up at the crack of dawn and off for my trusty ultrasound.

My left ovary could not be seen and the right contained two follicles – one at 7mm and one at 10mm.

My hope is that there are some little ones that can’t be seen yet because this doesn’t seem to correlate with my E2 level from yesterday (1200 [U.S. 324]). My clinic also doesn’t seem to ultrasound early in the cycle which makes me wonder if their equipment is capable of picking up anything under 7 mm???

Either way I am happier than I would have been if there were three pegging at 12-15 as that would have been a waste of time.  This way I either end up with more or I cancel if there’s still no response and switch protocols I guess.

Good news is that my lining was 11 mm.  Woot!

And today’s estrogen is 1300.

Blood Test Results


Stim day 10 –  Estrogen 1700 (US 459), P4 2.8

Stim day 8 –    Estrogen 1100 (US 297), P4 1.6

I need to find out what they ‘should’ be although i know Progesterone is ideally between 1.5 and 1.7.  I’m worried it’s rising because of mucous from this damn virus intefering with my Synarel.  I’m not feeling much better.  I can’t stop coughing and both boys are now on anti-biotics for ear infections. I’m pretty sure my Estrogen is a bit low too.

Another blood test and a scan tomorrow morning.