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Stim day 8

I was up early this morning to trek into the hospital for my first blood test this cycle.  Not a great way to start a Sunday but if it correlates to my retrieval also being on a Sunday I’ll be wrapped.  Results should be in at about 3pm.

I feel pretty good.  My temps are nice and steady and I occasionally get a bit of an ache around an ovary but that could be bruising from the jabs – which I don’t even feel anymore 🙂

I am hoping that the lack of a temp rise at the beginning of my cycle indicates that I didn’t experience the side effect I was worried about.  I guess today’s result will also shed some light. So far I have no instinct at all.

IVF #2 - Flare protocol

Actually I do have an instinct.  My bet is on four follicles and no more.  Such an optimist 😀

Estrogen was 1200 (U.S 397)