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Disaster strikes

I called the day after retrieval and was gobsmacked to hear that of the six eggs, only one has fertilised. I didn’t imagine this scenario even at my cynical best! It was described as ‘just one of those things’ as both eggs and sperm appear just fine.

So I have transfer of my one embryo at 8am tomorrow. I am upset but realise it could have been worse – although not that much.

Decided on assisted hatching.

Doubt I’ll go down this track again but maybe I won’t have to. Not holding my breath though…

Oh, and I also think I have mild OHSS. I’m blown up like a balloon and in a quite bit of pain.


Egg retrieval

Things went really well.  Scheduled for midday which meant I got to have brekky 🙂

Spoke to the Embryologist about a day 3 with assisted hatching and she noted it for discussion depending on numbers etc.

I asked Dr T to measure my lining on the table. Unfortunately it was the first piece of news I got on my way to recovery – 8mm.  I am irrationally upset by it, I guess because I wanted it all to go perfectly.  No other cycle including last years blastocyst transfer has been successful with that lining measurement. Last cycle – the Flare – I was 11mm by cd10 which is the measurement I had for the successful (albeit fleetingly) cancelled FET last year.

The good news was that they got 6 eggs.  So now the waiting commences.  I find this particular wait the hardest because I’m a spectator not a participant.

I’ll update tomorrow with the fertilisation report.   Please cross your fingers for me!