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Well it’s more ‘normal’ than last month..

I did an injects cycle this month with Estrogen. I’m still a bit out of whack. Ovulated cd 20 this time but had two follies and all looked good.

Unfortunately BFN, but I squeezed in a week at the beach, relaxing and forgetting to temp, before the witch, not unexpectedly, found me. I’m having a break this month and then my last hurrah. Protocol? Who knows. But viagra will be on the table – for me, not Hubby. Lol


Am I done?

Last cycle was a bust. I did injectables but didn’t ovulate until cd 38!! The theory is that the dose was too high. My FS has asked if I would like to try something ‘different’ and then gone away on holidays…

So in his absence I’m doing injectables again but a slightly lower dose and waiting to see what ‘different’ means. I will do viagra with whatever he suggests and then I think I’m done.

There, I said it. Let’s see if my instinct is right 🙂

Disaster strikes

I called the day after retrieval and was gobsmacked to hear that of the six eggs, only one has fertilised. I didn’t imagine this scenario even at my cynical best! It was described as ‘just one of those things’ as both eggs and sperm appear just fine.

So I have transfer of my one embryo at 8am tomorrow. I am upset but realise it could have been worse – although not that much.

Decided on assisted hatching.

Doubt I’ll go down this track again but maybe I won’t have to. Not holding my breath though…

Oh, and I also think I have mild OHSS. I’m blown up like a balloon and in a quite bit of pain.

Results are in

Thursday was a long day.  From the 30 minute wait to have my blood test to the next 5 hr wait for the results, seemed to take forever.  

They were supposed to call me at 3.  At 5min past I rang them.  The ‘optimistic’ Dr who had advised me my pregnancy wasn’t viable in the same breath as giving me my Beta was on holidays.  A fact he had neglected to mention when he suggested that, in the unlikely event that I didn’t get my period, I go for another blood test. I was told ‘the level had risen’ I said ‘I want the number’.  ‘Oh!’

The result was 475.  Which is good.  Not world shattering but certainly good.

Thursday night I slept for the first time in a week.  Typical that I actually had some reassuring ‘symptoms’ just before the result.  

So, first hurdle down and several others to follow.

FRER Beta chart

And then it was 2pm on the same day….

Confirm/Aimstick and I felt a bit better for about 5 minutes.  

I’ve also started Progesterone.  

I have acupuncture at 11:15 tomorrow and hopefully a Beta.

Feelings of doom

No sooner do I write the good news than it seems I’m writing the bad.  Well the feeling ‘of the bad’  Today I just can’t shake the feeing that’s it’s all over already.  Of course I have been testing like a maniac and the tests aren’t doing anything to reassure me at all.  They aren’t darker and I think they are lighter but can’t really tell that either Aaaargh!!  I still await the arrival of a concrete ‘symptom’.  My boobs are less sore.  I slept well last night before waking very early.  My pounding head!


















First Response  I’d love to think I was just paranoid but my throbbing head and sudden teariness beg to differ.

Not a lot seems to be happening

Well here I am on day 5 of stims and I feel nothing.  I have a little side effect from the Gonal-F.  Wind!!  Lots and lots of stinky wind along with a few tiny tummy cramps too high up to be ovary related so obviously connected to the wind.  My boys are very impressed with my flatulence.  My husband not so much 🙂  It’s starting to remind me of being pregnant when you really have no control.  I am hoping that it’s effect won’t increase exponentially with the dose!  I also have wind in the other direction.  Oh Lordy!

I looked back at my IVF cycle and see that it took until day 5 then for me to feel any action but I thought that not being suppressed this time I would feel something sooner.  I don’t feel that things are ticking along well though.  I distinctly remember at the beginning of my FET cycle I had an increase in libido – it felt like old times – and I put it down to starting the estrogen.  I now wonder if it was just that my hormones kicked back in with a vengeance after the IVF.

So I’m patiently waiting.  Give me a twinge!!!