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Human Growth Hormone

That’s what I’m going to try for my last hurrah.  I can’t help but feel a little bit excited.  I just started a new cycle – things weren’t in place on time so I will wait this one out .  Three weeks to go!!

Improvement of delivery and live birth rates after ICSI in women aged >40 years by ovarian co-stimulation with growth hormone — Tesarik et al. 20 (9): 2536 — Human Reproduction

I am also going to talk about using Dexamethosone as well but I don’t like my chances:

Low-dose dexamethasone augments the ovarian response to exogenous gonadotrophins leading to a reduction in cycle cancellation rate in a standard IVF programme — Keay et al. 16 (9): 1861 — Human Reproduction

I will let you know whether it will be IVF or a stim cycle when I know 🙂


Am I done?

Last cycle was a bust. I did injectables but didn’t ovulate until cd 38!! The theory is that the dose was too high. My FS has asked if I would like to try something ‘different’ and then gone away on holidays…

So in his absence I’m doing injectables again but a slightly lower dose and waiting to see what ‘different’ means. I will do viagra with whatever he suggests and then I think I’m done.

There, I said it. Let’s see if my instinct is right 🙂

Decidedly lacklustre…

That’s me, as I start TTC cycle #36, I think. I am doing injectables and timed intercourse. My bulk pack of OPK’s and HPT’s are winging their way to me as I type and I start Estrogen and Gonal-F tomorrow.

I don’t feel excited though. It’s more a question of ‘I hope I remember to do it all’ and I really think that this is me getting ready to throw in the towel.
Which is a good thing.

Life’s too short and I’ve invested heavily time wise already. I think I’m almost there.

At that point, when it really is okay to be done.

I would never say that you can decide it though.

It really does just happen – says she – who’s about to start all over for another month! Lol!!

Never underestimate the effect of hormones

Yes, I am still in the land of the living and feeling pretty good.  I have no doubt that the massive hormone fluctuations involved in IVF by their very nature make the whole process so much harder to cope with.  Back in ‘normal hormone land’ I am fairly philosophical about yet another failure.  I know that for me, the time is coming to call it quits.  But it’s not here just yet.  There are funding changes on the horizon here for IVF so it may well be to my benefit to squeeze in another attempt before the end of the year but I’m really starting to doubt that IVF can do anything for me at the current level of expertise available.  Unless I end up with multiple embryos I’m not getting that ‘best egg’ selection.  I suspect, that for me injectibles are the way to go.

So I wait out this cycle and will be interested to know what is in store.  At the moment I’m just enjoying the good old waking follicle twinges I’m getting as my poor old ovary cranks out just one egg this cycle.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.

Big fat Negative

My period came early.  Just what I need to throw me completely off schedule.  I haven’t had time to talk to my FS about not doing the flare again yet.

So I am day 2 tomorrow and still don’t know what my drug orders are.  I went for a blood test this morning as AF was nice enough to show her face first thing and ‘there is no pregnancy hormone present’.

You don’t say? 🙂

7dpo and wishing I’d thought to test out the trigger!

Why didn’t I?  I really want to test as I do every cycle as I’m convinced I’m not pregnant but clinging to desperate hope that I am.  I hate, hate, hate being in limbo!  I’m 9 days past the 10000iu Ovidrel trigger today.  I know that with my IUI’s I tested negative by about 8-9 days past but I guess every cycle is different.  I’ll buy some tests today – needless to say my internet cheapies failed to arrive on time.  It takes 5 working days for our postal system to get ordinary mail from one side of the country to the other.  How backward is that? (not that I’m slightly irritable or anything :p)

Oh and for good measure here’s my chart to date.  Don’t get excited for me – they all look this good 🙂

Cancelled Flare Cycle

5dpo and waiting with baited breath

Of course I’m not at that irrational stage where I expect to feel ‘something’ by now so it must all be a flop.

I’ve ordered some cheap online pregnancy tests and toyed with testing really early and posting them each day so that if a line was to appear later on it would be documented.  I’ve loved following those journeys myself before.  But then I think why do I want to document complete failure.  Lol!  I may do it yet 🙂  It all depends on when the trusty sticks arrive.