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Never underestimate the effect of hormones

Yes, I am still in the land of the living and feeling pretty good.  I have no doubt that the massive hormone fluctuations involved in IVF by their very nature make the whole process so much harder to cope with.  Back in ‘normal hormone land’ I am fairly philosophical about yet another failure.  I know that for me, the time is coming to call it quits.  But it’s not here just yet.  There are funding changes on the horizon here for IVF so it may well be to my benefit to squeeze in another attempt before the end of the year but I’m really starting to doubt that IVF can do anything for me at the current level of expertise available.  Unless I end up with multiple embryos I’m not getting that ‘best egg’ selection.  I suspect, that for me injectibles are the way to go.

So I wait out this cycle and will be interested to know what is in store.  At the moment I’m just enjoying the good old waking follicle twinges I’m getting as my poor old ovary cranks out just one egg this cycle.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.


A picture speaks a thousand words – 7dp3dt

Well actually just three letters – B.F.N.


But then I knew that so all is well. I think I’ll cut down on my progesterone just so the ‘crash isn’t so big at the end. Beta is on Monday. I’m pretty sure it will be zero, as in, not even an attempt at implantation. We’ll see.

And now it’s back to the diet. After losing 7kg I’ve managed to put on 1kg in the last three days. Damn progesterone! 🙂