Nothing for, nothing against…

I know it’s too early for a result but given that my last ‘successful’ (as in we made it past 12 weeks) pregnancy showed a strong + at 8dpo that now tends to be my benchmark.  Combined with my ‘most sensitive HPT ever made’ tests, not even a shadow of a line does not bode well.  I have no nausea, no pulling or stretching, no stabs in my ovaries.  All of these have occurred by now in previous pregnancies.  But, I will keep on keeping on as I would love to be proved wrong 🙂



2 responses to this post.

  1. It ALMOST looks as if there is a little bit of a second line on that top one – hard to tell on a computer, though.

    Hope to see something a little more definite next time!


    • Hi Lorraine. There is a slight line in the top one as it’s the 2dp3dt test. I should have labeled them in chronological order. 4dp4dt is the last – plainly stark white – test 🙂


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