Embryo Transfer

I had my transfer at 9am so I had to be ready to leave home by about 7:30 am which was quite ciclised.  I haven’t been sleeping well.  I’ve had sharp pain since retrieval along with a LOT of bloating but I felt this start to improve by about lunchtime yesterday and by this morning it was quite bearable.  Plus the swelling has dramatically decreased.

I see the Embryologist who tells me she did the assisted hatching and I am getting a 10cell embryo which is starting to compact.

Then Dr T tells me it was a 12cell grade 2.  I guess both measurements are correct depending on when they were taken.  So I’m off and running.  I’m trying to take it easy but N is not helping me on this score.  Fortunately there is no risk of spontaneous jogging or any other form of exercise.

So I’m waiting, and sweating (which I assume is from the progesterone) and will keep you posted one way or the other 😉


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  1. One is better than none, right? And if it is THE ONE, then it’s all you need. Lots of good wishes to you!


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