Of course, bitter disappointment follows.

Stim day 7 and it’s time for ultrasound number two.  It’s ‘Amphitheatre guy’.  Great.

On my right ovary I have ONE fucking follicle measuring 15mm. Well we assume it’s one given the lack of confidence in the operator…

On my left I have 3.  They measure 20.  Yes 20!!!!! 16 and 14.

So, I have a follicle that has grown 10mm in two days.  Wtf?  Do you think perhaps a meds adjustment may have been warranted???

Can you tell I’m really pissed off?

I have three Orgalutran injctions at $80 a pop, sitting in my fridge and my Ovidrel trigger.

Points to ponder:

  1. Cancel now so that I’m not suppressed and trigger so that they all release in a couple of days thereby wasting $240 of meds (like that really matters)?
  2. Wait for Friday’s ultrasound with the eminently more competent Dr M and then decide?
  3. Go with the flow and do IVF knowing that the big sucker could well be overcooked by then and I’ll just be left with 3 follicles if I’m lucky.

I’m over it.

Ok now I’m back and I am a little calmer 🙂  My estrogen came in at 3900 (US 1054).  My Lh is 16 so I have been instructed to start the Orgalutran (which I did and it didn’t hurt a bit).  P4 is 2.8

So I asked what the story would be with the Emu egg and the nurse said it would probably be sacrificed in the hope that the others mature.  Considering that at it’s current growth rate it will be at least 30mm by Friday I think we can kiss it goodbye.

So, I will play the game but I still won’t go to EPU with only three follicles.  Maybe, just maybe, there’s another lurker that ‘Amphitheatre Guy’ missed…..


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