Stim day 6 today

Update on Stim day 5.  Driving in rush hour, a journey that would normally take 12 minutes is now taking 30.  I hear my horoscope on the radio: “Aquarius will see a reversal of previous negative trends”.  Hmmm.

I had my ultrasound which was with Dear Dr M who is sooo competent and lovely.  He found both ovaries immediately and he said he could see two follicles measuring about 10mm on my left with ‘a couple others ‘ coming and on my right there was one 10mm ‘with a couple of others coming.  I am holding my breath!!!

Later I get my E2.  It is 2900 (U.S 783)

Dare I hope for 6????? Pleeeeease!!!!!

Today, stim day 6 (cd7) I’m still feeling great.  Tomorrow is another US and blood test so I will let you know the outcome.  Fingers crossed.


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