7dpo and wishing I’d thought to test out the trigger!

Why didn’t I?  I really want to test as I do every cycle as I’m convinced I’m not pregnant but clinging to desperate hope that I am.  I hate, hate, hate being in limbo!  I’m 9 days past the 10000iu Ovidrel trigger today.  I know that with my IUI’s I tested negative by about 8-9 days past but I guess every cycle is different.  I’ll buy some tests today – needless to say my internet cheapies failed to arrive on time.  It takes 5 working days for our postal system to get ordinary mail from one side of the country to the other.  How backward is that? (not that I’m slightly irritable or anything :p)

Oh and for good measure here’s my chart to date.  Don’t get excited for me – they all look this good 🙂

Cancelled Flare Cycle


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  1. If you did test out the trigger you’d probably be at 0 now anyway, so you wouldn’t really have any useful information – you could just start now and see what happens, or try with all your might to wait another 5 days…

    Okay, maybe 4 days, or 3…

    Good luck!


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