As is my want I have been furiously researching and I’ve discovered a side effect of the Flare protocol is that it can reignite your old corpus luteum and cause your progesterone to be too high at the beginning of the cycle.  It can also cause a surge in LH which prematurely matures the follicles.  This can result in a poor response and lower quality eggs.  What would be my luck that it happens to me?

Well I start tomorrow so I’ll soon find out 🙂


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  1. Posted by JANE on August 17, 2009 at 4:02 am

    Hi there. I came accross your blog while I was googling for “Secondary Infertility at 40”. I am 42 (43 in a few months – eek!!)and we are trying for baby #4. With not much success. We struggled for 2 years to fall pregnant with Baby#3 and had many procedures and tests by a FS to be told that I basically had OLD EGGS!!.This time I am too embarrassed to go to a FS and I am hoping that it will happen again naturally, with even OLDER EGGS.You say so much in yur blog that rings true, but I think the most resounding words are “One of the hardest parts of this has been the feeling of being undeserving. The feeling that we should be happy with the children we have already. But is is those two dear boys that make me want this more. Being older parents I know that we will die when they still need us. I want them to have family when we go. But mostly I am addicted to the joy that they bring me. How can I pass up the opportunity to experience that one more time?” I could not have put it better myself. So we keep trying. I had a miscarriage in April this year. I am now seeing a homeopath, a TCM for acupuncture and herbs, a reflexologist and I even bought a fertility bracelet from a lady in the UK. I, like you, want to know that I have tried everything possible to have another baby. Unfortunately IVF is out of the question, as it is very expensive in South Africa, and is not covered by our health insurance. I am considering trying Clomid next month, but I am not sure. Sorry for the long response. It is just nice to chat to someone who is going through what I am going through. Most people (my mother included) look at me and say “are you mad, why do you want another baby at 43!”,especially when I have 3 beautiful children already. So I am pretty much on my own in this. Will stay in contact. Much BABYDUST to you!. Kindest Regards, Jane


  2. Yeah – I think this problem may have happened to me. I had a lousy response to the flare protocol, was told I had crap eggs and better look into DE.

    I switched REs, was put on the antagonist cycle and voila – a nice response. Not phenomenal, but solidly good.

    Still, it’s different for everyone. The flare seems to be popular and that means it must work!



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