Count down

I’m counting down the days until my last try at IVF.  Hopefully I will start next cycle.  My FS friend didn’t follow through due to personal issues so I have taken on a FS who is known to be good with ‘over 40’s’.  I really liked Dr M but he just seemed too conservative for my last try.

This time, with Dr T, I am doing a flare cycle.  Starting with 15iu of Lucrin (Lupron) on cd2 along with 450iu of Gonal-f.  He says he doesn’t consider me a poor responder  – he has a different protocol for that.  Scheduled co-ordinator meeting is on Tuesday the 8th and that’s the day my period is due.  I’m also looking at PGD which  ‘unofficially’ lifts the success rate to 20%. My clinic’s error rate is 6-10% which is much lower than most in the States due to the more rigid controls we have on who can handle embryos here.

I am finding that the longer this goes on, the more accepting I am of the fact that it is my age that is causing all my issues – and therefore more accepting that it may never happen.  Once again though I’d like to feel I gave it everything.


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  1. Nice not to be a poor responder once you’re over 40! Seems like a good sign…

    Good luck!


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