Always trust your gut.. (8w1d)

I went to my Ob on Tuesday.  I had to wait an hour and a half to get in.  My bladder was bursting – and that was after going three times ‘to let a bit out’.  By the time I got in I had no doubt it would be bad news and told him so.  He said he hoped ‘it wouldn’t be another character building exercise’.  Immediately on the scan I saw Twin A quite a bit larger and clearer than at the scan I’d had 5 days before but it was equally clear that there was no heartbeat.  He measured 7w1d.  In the background, quite a bit smaller was Twin B who strangely was still with us.  His heartbeat had dropped to 100bpm and he still measured 6w1d.  The mood swing I had had on Saturday combined with the cramping made sense now.

I felt so relieved to finally ‘know’ The bad news was so much easier to bear than the dread of it.

So now I wait.  To see if a miracle happens and baby B pulls through.  The odds are not in his favour and now, 4 days later I have no sign that he has made it other than my lack of bleeding.  Given my two previous miscarriages at later dates with no bleeding this offers me little comfort.

For the sake of my sanity I will call on Monday to try to bring my appointment forward


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