Well I tried to book a scan. In the absence of any symptoms I confess I have good days and bad. I would really like to enjoy this! Can’t get in until the 4th of May. Aaargh!!!

So it’s back to the drawing board.


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  1. Posted by Erica on April 25, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    Hey there–

    I’ve been reading your blog the last few days, since we’re in similar shoes. I’m 40 and in the middle of my first IVF cycle, trying to have a 2nd child after conceiving my son very easily the old-fashioned way. (He’s 2). I think those numbers look great. Also, I didn’t really have any early symptoms with my son. The nausea didn’t even begin until 7 or so weeks in. And I have friends who swear they don’t have any early symptoms–one in particular who missed her entire 1st trimester, not realizing she was pregnant (she had just stopped breast-feeding her first and never got a period). Plus, everyone says that every pregnancy is different. All this to say stay positive if you can! We kinda need to, don’t we?


  2. Thanks Erica! I hear you loud and clear 🙂 I always feel like I whinging when I write here but I try not to cloud anything I just put down how I feel at the time. Looking back I sound miserable. Lol. I wish you all the best with your IVF – please pop in and let me know how you get on?


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