Results are in

Thursday was a long day.  From the 30 minute wait to have my blood test to the next 5 hr wait for the results, seemed to take forever.  

They were supposed to call me at 3.  At 5min past I rang them.  The ‘optimistic’ Dr who had advised me my pregnancy wasn’t viable in the same breath as giving me my Beta was on holidays.  A fact he had neglected to mention when he suggested that, in the unlikely event that I didn’t get my period, I go for another blood test. I was told ‘the level had risen’ I said ‘I want the number’.  ‘Oh!’

The result was 475.  Which is good.  Not world shattering but certainly good.

Thursday night I slept for the first time in a week.  Typical that I actually had some reassuring ‘symptoms’ just before the result.  

So, first hurdle down and several others to follow.

FRER Beta chart


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