Go figure – I hereby declare I no longer know my body at all.

I’ve been quietly drifting along this cycle. My FS didn’t want me to trigger and I didn’t manage to schedule a scan so I don’t know :

  1. How many follicles I grew on 225iu Gonal-F
  2. How many follicles I ovulated
  3. Exactly when I ovulated because things didn’t add up as accurately as normal

I’m still charting and my temp remains up – of course this I attribute to the end of daylight savings which coincides with my second ‘triphasic’ temp shift.  I test on 8dpo and it is negative.  I have no symptoms at all except for some tenderness in my breasts.  I stop the Estrogen so I have a break before next cycle.

And my temperature stays up.

I have a funeral to bury my Husband’s 99yo Grandmother and this exhausts me.  That was yesterday.

Today, to humour an online friend who is stalking my chart I test with an OPK:

img_5096 So now I’m interested.  I tell my husband I’m off to the chemist and come back with the only HPT they have which is a 25iu/l and I test








and this is what I get

img_5107 I’ll be back once I’ve composed myself.








Here is my chart



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