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Well I tried to book a scan. In the absence of any symptoms I confess I have good days and bad. I would really like to enjoy this! Can’t get in until the 4th of May. Aaargh!!!

So it’s back to the drawing board.


On our way!

Fourth beta is in.


I even smiled ūüôā

Beta at 28dpo

How do you define insanity?

Last night after yet another completely symptom free day I decided to stop my Progesterone. ¬†I had gone to the Dr that morning for a repeat Beta but the result was late. ¬†She agreed with me that it sounded like a Blighted Ovum. ¬†Notice no health professional has tried to talk me into this pregnancy yet…


Result came back today 2493.  I am officially gobsmacked.  This is progressing as it should.

First beta 14/15dpo 205

Second 17/18dpo 475 – doubling time 59.39hrs

Third 22/23dpo 2493 – doubling time 50.17hrs (ideally in 80% of successfull pregnancies betas will double every 48 – 72hrs

I can’t handle it.

Today I’m sad. ¬†I have cried and cried. ¬†I’m so sure this isn’t going to work. ¬†I still have no symptoms. ¬†I feel COMPLETELY NORMAL and I’m sick of my few well meaning friends who know telling me I’m paranoid and it will be ok. ¬†I haven’t told Mum because I wanted to save the news for when I’m sure. ¬†I don’t think that day will come. ¬†I should get another beta tomorrow so I can at least stop taking the progesterone. ¬†My tests have stopped getting darker.


FRER 22dpo sure that beta is not progressing

this was 18dpo


Results are in

Thursday was a long day.  From the 30 minute wait to have my blood test to the next 5 hr wait for the results, seemed to take forever.  

They were supposed to call me at 3. ¬†At 5min past I rang them. ¬†The ‘optimistic’ Dr who had advised me my pregnancy wasn’t viable in the same breath as giving me my Beta was on holidays. ¬†A fact he had neglected to mention when he suggested that, in the unlikely event that I didn’t get my period, I go for another blood test. I was told ‘the level had risen’ I said ‘I want the number’. ¬†‘Oh!’

The result was 475.  Which is good.  Not world shattering but certainly good.

Thursday night I slept for the first time in a week. ¬†Typical that I actually had some reassuring ‘symptoms’ just before the result. ¬†

So, first hurdle down and several others to follow.

FRER Beta chart

First Beta

I went to the Dr yesterday and asked for a Beta. Result came in at 205. ¬†I was 15dpo so that’s pretty good. ¬†When the Dr (not mine) phoned me with the result he said “I don’t expect that it will be viable at that level. ¬†I hope you aren’t too disappointed” ¬†Fortunately, although he wasn’t to know this, I had set myself up for disappointment from the moment I’d had sex.

Betabase begs to differ saying the median level at 15dpo (and I could have been 14dpo) was 135.  

So I’m still in the running and still symptomless.

Here is my FRER from 13dpo and today, 16dpo

13dpo             img_5184

And then it was 2pm on the same day….

Confirm/Aimstick and I felt a bit better for about 5 minutes.  

I’ve also started Progesterone. ¬†

I have acupuncture at 11:15 tomorrow and hopefully a Beta.