Not a lot seems to be happening

Well here I am on day 5 of stims and I feel nothing.  I have a little side effect from the Gonal-F.  Wind!!  Lots and lots of stinky wind along with a few tiny tummy cramps too high up to be ovary related so obviously connected to the wind.  My boys are very impressed with my flatulence.  My husband not so much 🙂  It’s starting to remind me of being pregnant when you really have no control.  I am hoping that it’s effect won’t increase exponentially with the dose!  I also have wind in the other direction.  Oh Lordy!

I looked back at my IVF cycle and see that it took until day 5 then for me to feel any action but I thought that not being suppressed this time I would feel something sooner.  I don’t feel that things are ticking along well though.  I distinctly remember at the beginning of my FET cycle I had an increase in libido – it felt like old times – and I put it down to starting the estrogen.  I now wonder if it was just that my hormones kicked back in with a vengeance after the IVF.

So I’m patiently waiting.  Give me a twinge!!!


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