Ho Hum

This month I’ve decided to try Femara and Estrogen 🙂  Heaven forbid I do nothing after all.  I started Femara a day later than usual which seems to suit me better because it hasn’t brought my ovulation date forward at all.  I must say though I am ready for a wee break.  I get to see my new FS after I have had a month off so next month is a nothing.  He says that in his experience this dramatically affects success rates so I’m all for it.  I anticipate doing Gonal-F which will be cool – just increases my chances so to speak.  So I’m drumming my fingers here….  Saturday I turn 42.

Femara once again has been kind to me.  No side effects to speak of other than a thick head/headache in the mornings while I was taking it.  I ran out of OPK’s so I think I will ‘O’ tomorrow.  Then the 6ww for my FS.  How will I cope with no pills to pop? :)!!!  Of course I am only allowed to self- medicate because I am old and wise…..


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