A glimmer of hope

So I have been taking my estrogen  starting on 2mg/day until cd9 then 4mg/day.  It has messed with me a bit and exacerbated the low grade depression I’m sure I’ve had since Dad died.  I’ve been teary and cranky, snappy and forgetful.  I haven’t really thought about the FET either.  Evidence of my distraction is that I went to the clinic today for my cd12 scan and I’m on cd11!  However, I actually received some good news.  My estrogen supplemented lining is…. wait for it… 12mm!!!!!  Yes!  So now I have my glimmer of hope back.  I also had a 21mm follicle on my LHS which Dr M was surprised about as apparently the Estrogen is supposed to suppress the FSH.  Looks like I will surge tonight and I have to start taking my progesterone with FET on Friday 26th.

Typical that this ancient nearly 42yo still ovulates on birth control but can’t get pregnant…..


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