Still plodding along

Gee time flies when you’re not doing IVF 😆

AF came Oct 14th after stopping the Crinone on the 12th.  I was anticipating something normal but sure enough 48hrs later I was once again AF free.  So, even though my lining is measuring 9mm I am not having a normal period.  Either something is up or 9mm, for me, is not ‘normal’ enough.



Went today to see Dr M about the FET.  I mentioned the above and we will try estrogen for that cycle to see if I can get it any thicker – not holding my breath.  If the FET fails – as I suspect (know) it will, I will go to see Dr S for one more stim cycle before calling it quits.  He seems a little more innovative and will try things like Viagra for my lining.  I think I’ll also go the assisted hatching route this time despite making it to blast.

This cycle’s been pretty normal so I guess thre’s not too much wrong with the ‘old’ system.  One week to go and the FET begins!!  I will take the Progynova (estrogen) and be monitored for natural ovulation.  Then six days later I’ll have ET if it defrosts OK.  Fingers are crossed and chance of a successful thaw is 70%.

Taking a break

Taking a break

On the upside we will soon be having a ‘baby’ join our family and here he is:


He is coming as a companion for our lonely pig ‘Cadbury’ and we get him in two weeks.  Here is Cadbury with his owner and Mum’s old ‘Pig’ Licorice.  Cadbury is on the left.



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