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Self preservation.

I am a negative Nelly.  Not a test – I’m not that crazy although the thought did occur to me, but this morning I feel very pessimistic.  Also, as anticipated I now wish I’d made them transfer two.  I’ve already decided that if I do a FET I want both thawed and transferred and I want some Estrogen!!!  I don’t feel I can move on with those little frosties in the wings…


Well, it’s done.

My day started really well.  Mum came and picked the boys up – it’s school holidays – and then I went to Acupuncture.  I could really feel things happening.  Then it was off to my transfer.  I got a parking spot right out the front which never happens.  They kept me waiting for a while.  I spoke to the Embryologist who said they now had a front runner – an expanded blastocyst – that they had chosen to transfer.  The other little fella will be frozen today and his mate tomorrow if he makes it to blast.

A bit more of a wait and I went in.  I was the only transfer they had this afternoon so things were pretty relaxed.  Dr M is sooo good at what he does I barely felt uncomfortable.  A bit of a wait once they put the catheter in and it was all over.  I stayed lying down for half an hour then I was on my way.  Next stop Acupuncture again for another 45 minutes lying down.

I came home, had something to eat and (shock horror) fell asleep.

The wait begins!!