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Egg retrieval

We are up at the crack of dawn to be at the hospital by 7am.  I’m, still not well and terrified that they won’t go ahead because of it.  Fortunately my cough has died down, but i am still sleeping for an hour during the day and hardly noticing any improvement.  First hiccup is the notice my temp is 38deg C.  My BP is also high at 140/80.  I usually hover around 110/60.  However my chest is clear so they will do the procedure.

Dr M smiles down at me and says ‘Now we don’t have very many do we?’  I say ‘No, we are going for quality’  He has a chuckle, they insert the drip and next I know I’m in recovery.

All I feel now is a bit bruised.  They got three eggs.

I phone tomorrow to find out if any made it.