A bit of an Anti-climax but I love my Dr!

Since I started my Gonal-f, my little boy has been sick with a mystery virus that gives him a high temperature, a cough, and not much else.  He was home from school last Friday, sick all weekend, off Monday and Tuesday, sent back on Wednesday at which stage N came down with it.  S then relapsed Wednesday night, I got a cough too that day but that’s all it seemed to be.  Thursday S still home and both boys unwell and last night I get a fever and feel awful too :-(.  Bottom line is I haven’t slept for a week and I feel exhausted.  Having said that the meds have been very tolerable…..and now I know why.

I got to the Clinic a 7:10 and waited for them to open.  They took bloods and then I saw Dr M for the ultrasound.  They were a bit confused as to why I’d been scheduled for one.  I said I was happy not to have it and Dr M laughed and said ‘come now, you wouldn’t miss this for the world’ vaginal probe in hand 🙂

Unfortunately it wasn’t good news.  I had two follicles on my right 18 and 15mm and one on my left 18mm.  However the left ovary was behind my uterus so he said they wouldn’t be able to retrieve that one as the aspiration needle would pierce the uterus. That leaves us with two.  Dr M said most Dr’s would cancel, but in his opinion if we got both and they fertilised it would be worth it.  It just meant I wouldn’t have any to freeze but frozen don’t tend to be as successful. anyway.  As I’d found the stimming easy to tolerate I wouldn’t have trouble doing it again.  All this said with a comforting hand patting my knee.

So I left with mixed motions.  I’m obviously a bit disappointed that there aren’t more eggs but at the same time this seems to add wight to the theory that my age is the problem.  I actually find this easier to deal with than the thought that something went wrong from the D&C.  My thin lining could also be age related.  Now I’m off to research the chances of my ovary moving back to where it should be in time for retrieval.  I am wondering if this is related to the sharp pain I feel on that side during my period – a new development –  and if adhesions are to blame. I am such an optomist 🙂 They will give me my BT results this afternoon at which stage I’ll have to decide what to do.


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